It’s an opportunity to aid Maritime labor.

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Executive Summary

The purpose of the Captain Richard Phillips Lane Kirkland Maritime Trust Strategic Plan is to establish the planned goals, as well as direct key actions required to ground the organization over the coming period from 2019-2024. The Plan provides a framework designed to enable the focus and fulfillment of the Trust’s mission for the near, immediate and long term. All aspects of the Strategy will be reviewed frequently and adjusted as necessary to ensure achievable goals are met and outcomes optimized.


Promote the long-term strength of the United States Maritime Industry and the U.S. Merchant Marine through a three pronged approach: (1) generate public awareness of our national maritime heritage and its importance to national security; (2) assist individuals in the pursuit of a career in the maritime or related industries; and (3) effectively advocate for public policy and efforts which ensure the overall viability of the industry and its workforce.


The Strategic Plan for The Trust focuses on producing measurable and achievable results which are consistent with the Organization’s stated mission and vision. These outcomes will move the Organization forward to establish and build on the level of impact and will help focus and prioritize the employment of our finite resources (to include personal and organizational energy, time and finances) on the strategic outcomes we seek to bring about. This plan is a building block for a series of plans, ultimately leading to fulfillment of the long-term vision.

The Organization’s formation

The Organization came into being in order to provide “one voice” or a coordinated approach to consistently address the current and future needs across the full spectrum of the US Maritime Industry, and vigilantly raise and maintain the awareness of the maritime labor’s significant contributions to the Nation and our national security.

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Become a “Best in Class” standard-bearing organization, holistically serving the Maritime Industry and its people and honoring our national heritage as a maritime nation. The Board and the Leadership of the Trust will maintain the highest standards of integrity and stewardship in all that we do and will continuously seek to improve our Organization and its impact.

Stemming the tide of a diminishing seafaring workforce is not only a worthwhile cause, but we believe it is a national imperative.