The Captain Richard Phillips and Lane Kirkland Maritime Trust is excited to announce that we have selected a group of recipients for the inaugural scholarship awards made by the Trust.

Stemming the tide of a diminishing seafaring workforce is not only a worthwhile cause, but we believe it is a national imperative. We recognize that the costs of education and training have risen significantly in recent years, and we are dedicated to doing our part to provide financial assistance to enter this vital career field.

All the students who were awarded scholarships on this initial round demonstrated a great desire to serve in the maritime industry and have proven their capability with high standards in their academic work.  They are in good standing with their schools and are recommended by key individuals who regularly observe their professionalism and dedication.

Our Scholarship Winners

We congratulate the following six individuals and their schools. Please scroll through the list to the right.

The Trust hopes that this initial set of awards marks the beginning of a long legacy in providing tangible support for the education and training of our seafaring force.

The Captain Richard Phillips and Lane Kirkland Maritime Trust commends these students for their desire to pursue an exciting and rewarding career path of maritime and we wish them every success. We are pleased to be able to play a small part in helping them to achieve their dreams.