U.S. Coast Guard Rescues Entire Crew of Capsized Cargo Ship

We would like to applaud the tremendously heroic and speedy efforts of the U.S. Coast Guard in rescuing safely the entire crew of the Korean car carrier, the Golden Ray, off the coast of Georgia.

The vessel had departed the Port of Brunswick, Georgia, and made it into St. Simon’s Sound early Sunday morning when catastrophe struck. A mere two hours after the emergency call went out at around 2 a.m. EDT, 20 crew members had been rescued, leaving four crew members still missing.

A fire had broken out and the ship was highly unstable, further challenging the effort to find the other crew. With 30 hours having elapsed after the first emergency call, and little alternative on how to find the rest of the crew, a daring helicopter landing was made on the side of the Golden Ray. The rescue team emerged and was able to hear tapping coming from inside the disabled ship.

Extremely thick steel and other internal conditions such as intense and life-threatening heat, and possible fires added to the plight of the trapped crew and hampered the rescue team efforts. But, in spite of the terrible odds, the U.S. Coast Guard worked steadily and systemically to provide hope to those still trapped and eventually facilitated the dramatic rescue of the remaining four crew members.

Board Chair, Captain Klaus Luhta, on FOX News
We are also proud to have our Board Chair, Captain Klaus Luhta, on national news offering commentary on possible reasons for how such a catastrophe could have occurred and what the investigators may find as they piece together the full story of the Golden Ray.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH our Board Chair, Captain Klaus Luhta, on FOX News

Bravo Zulu to the members of the U.S. Coast Guard team who fearlessly forged ahead to rescue all aboard !