Stand in Solidarity by DONATING for Hurricane Dorian Relief

The Phillips Trust wishes to express its solidarity with all the people devastated by the unprecedented impact of Hurricane Dorian, as the storm has so ravaged the Bahamas. The Bahamas and other beautiful Caribbean Islands have suffered much from recent storms.

The populations face huge hurdles and road blocks as they seek to have any sense of normalcy after this disaster. Most will have no jobs to go to for some time, coupled with experiencing the loss of homes and property, and possibly loved ones.

We share many maritime interests with the heritage of this area, as well as, friends there in the maritime and related industries. Bahamian and Puerto Rican maritime labor professionals are alumni of our U.S. maritime colleges and schools and serve in a number of areas, including labor management, port functions, maritime operations and ship operations.

After such life altering circumstances, the students of these islands, who may currently reside in the U.S., studying at our schools and colleges, will be greatly challenged by their losses, causing a possible increase in financial pressures.

Accordingly, the Phillips Trust requests your donations to help support the Hurricane Dorian Relief efforts. Contributions are fully tax-deductible and will be used to assist students adversely impacted by this monster storm. We will also be taking a portion of proceeds from upcoming events to help with support.

Thank you for being a part of assisting these students in overcoming obstacles to their studies and in putting the lives of their families back together.

Please support our relief efforts