For Too Many, Today is the Most Painful Day of Remembrance

The horrific tragedy of 9/11 took many friends and family from us, not only on that day, but in the 18 years following. In hospitals from illnesses caused by the effects of the World Trade Center Towers collapse or the cleanup, or on battlefields in faraway places snuffing out the threat to our way of life.

Whether we think of that day moment by moment, as some may, or on a daily basis, or perhaps not at all, it still does and will forever, indelibly mark our lives. We hope your remembrance makes you love America more and strive to live as a better person, because those lost that day, and in the time since, deserved to live full and meaningful lives. But now we must live for them by walking a little taller, being more purposeful, extending greater compassionate, and giving and loving beyond what we think we can.

And never forget.

Today, the Captain Richard Phillips Lane Kirkland Trust remembers 9/11, and we remember Jay Corcoran, U.S. Merchant Engineer – husband, father, son, brother, and friend. Jay was a Mass Maritime graduate known for his humor and excellence on the job. Lost that day on UA Flight 175, may he Rest in Peace. We honor your legacy Jay and we will never forget.