We Applaud Union Organizations Giving Much Needed Water in Newark

The Phillips Kirkland Trust Applauds the Major Efforts Underway from Union Organizations in the NY/ NJ area to Help Supply Much Needed Bottled Water in Newark.

ILA’s Water Distribution Moved To Newark’s Good Neighbor Church on Friday, August 30th from 9:00am to 2:00pm

The International Longshoremen’s Association’s efforts to secure donated water and distribute it to residents of Newark, New Jersey has been further bolstered by two other area organizations joining forces with the ILA to help fund and distribute water.

Union Labor Life Insurance Company (ULLICO) and New York Shipping Association, Inc., joined with the ILA to support the union’s efforts to get much-needed bottled water to the residents of Newark, New Jersey. Newark is a major Port City for the ILA.

Newark, New Jersey residents have been subjected for weeks to elevated levels of lead in their water. Long term solutions to resolve the lead problem have been proposed, but the immediate need for safe drinking water remains paramount throughout the City of Newark.

Hundreds of members from New York and New Jersey locals have been manning two ILA distribution sites, and handing out cases of bottled water to an appreciative Newark community. ILA members distributed bottled water at ILA Local 1233 Union Hall Headquarters, located at 19 Fenwick Street, in Newark, and also at ILA Local 1233 former Union Hall Headquarters at 731 South 10th Street in Newark, New Jersey.

On Friday, August 30, 2019, from 9:00am to 2:00pm water was distributed at Good Neighbor Church, 100 Chancellor Avenue, Newark, New Jersey.

The ILA, led first by Newark Local 1233 and then joined by other ILA Locals in the Port of New York and New Jersey and the International, secured a commitment from the Port Employers, including PNCT, Maher Terminals and APM to donate water to the citizens of Newark affected by the water crisis in the City.

International President Daggett, encouraged all ILA locals in the Port of New York and New Jersey to join this humanitarian effort on behalf of fellow citizens. The International sponsored the purchase of hundreds of cases of water to help the Newark community directly, and also to assist Newark’s efforts to bring relief to all those affected by this water crisis.

John Nardi, President of New York Shipping Association, which represents the major ILA employers in the Port of New York and New Jersey, noted:

“This is a great initiative spearheaded by Local 1233 and their President Bernard Dudley, Secretary Treasurer Buddy Smith and Local 1804-1 Business Agent/Sergeant at Arms John Daggett. We have seen the ILA under the direction of Harold Daggett and Employers on the East Coast reaching out to local port communities in need and we’re glad we can do the same for our local port community in Newark.”

This article is adapted from sections of an ILA PR release.