Heroic effort by the crew of the MV Green Lake

The Captain Richard Phillips and Lane Kirkland Maritime Trust would like t o commend the amazing heroic effort of the entire crew of the MV Green Lake. The MV Green Lake was the first vessel on scene to provide assistance to a car carrier that was on fire 1800 NM from Oahu.

In the hours before dawn on 31 December 2018, the crew of the Green Lake were notified of the plight of the Sincerity Ace. The Green Lake worked in hazardous conditions with high winds and rough seas, for an exhausting eighteen hours, in order to rescue seven members of the Sincerity Ace crew. Other ships and aircraft also came to the rescue.

The actions of all the crew of the Green Lake, were coordinated and effective – and a text book example of the training of CRM (Crew Resource Management). The deck officers, engineering, and deck crew worked tirelessly to reach and rescue as many sailors as possible, while ensuring the safety of their own ship and crew.

Crews with an exceptional level of training, education and experience are essential in the safe and efficient operations in the shipping industry. The crew of the Green Lake are clearly all highly trained by their respective union programs and maritime colleges. A shout-out goes to the Seafarers International Union, the Marine Beneficial Engineers’ Association and the Masters, Mates and Pilots. Shipping is an essential aspect of the U.S. economy and provides many challenging, rewarding and high-paying jobs in a variety of areas of the maritime profession, be it on board ship, or coordinating ship operations and loading.

The Captain Phillips Trust is active in chronicling the contributions of our seafaring heroes and providing financial assistance to the educational and training goals of those desiring a career in the U.S. maritime industry.

Congratulations and Bravo Zulu to all members of the crew of the MV Green Lake for a job well done!